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High power automatic door DC motor solution

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High power automatic door DC motor solution

With the development of society, automatic door is more and more widely used in people's life because of its superior convenience. Automatic doors are divided into electric rolling gate, electric telescopic door, electric suspension door, electric folding door, electric sliding door, electric revolving door, electric dynamic door, road gate, etc. The electric rolling shutter doors are mainly used in garages, stores, subways and residential buildings. The electric retractable doors, floating doors and folding doors are mainly used in industrial parks, factories, commercial districts and government agencies. The electric sliding doors are mainly used in high-end office buildings, hotels and subways. The road gates are mainly used in residential areas, toll stations, construction sites and office buildings , airports and subways.

With the wide use of automatic door, the performance requirements of its motor are higher and higher. At present, the market of automatic door motor has the following requirements:

1. Electronic control of the motor;

2. Motor speed regulation should be simple and convenient;

3. The output torque of the motor should be large, and the operation should be stable and reliable;

4. High efficiency, low speed and high torque;

5. Low noise and long service life;

6. And EMC requirements.