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Intelligent electric lifting table motor solution

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Intelligent electric lifting table motor solution

There are many kinds of electric intelligent electric lifting tables, which basically adopt the structure of motor + planetary gearbox. This structure has some problems, such as insufficient load-bearing, limited adjustable position (lifting range), short service life, high noise, inaccurate control, uneven lifting and falling speed of each lifting column, jam of each lifting column in the lifting process, and insufficient adjustment position accuracy The problem has always been a difficult problem for all kinds of lifting tables in the existing market.

The intelligent electric lifting table motor solution well solves various problems of the existing electric intelligent lifting table in the market. Through the structural design of plastic turbine + metal worm, combined with the height difference of various users, the electric intelligent lifting table is designed and customized, which can bear more than 62kg on one leg, the running noise of the electric intelligent lifting table is less than 40dB, and the lifting speed is adjustable in 30-40mm / s, It can realize multiple operation modes, store memory of lifting height, and adjust lifting height at any time. The information of control switch is transmitted through the control system to check the correct information and make accurate feedback. The height difference of multi leg lifting is less than 1.0 mm. Under the condition of single leg 62kg rated load, the service life of electric intelligent lifting motor is more than 12000 times.