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Brushless DC motor

Series 60 Brushless DC motor

  • Product type: Brushless DC motor
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Detailed of series 60 Brushless DC motor

Characteristics of Brushless DC motor

  • Beautiful appearance and rich product types;

  • It has the operation characteristics of DC motor without carbon brush and commutator;

  • Small volume, light weight, high efficiency and low energy consumption;

  • Low noise, small vibration, stable operation and strong overload capacity;

  • Fast response, high reliability, good stability and strong adaptability;

  • Wide speed range, low temperature rise, long service life and simple maintenance.


Performance parameters of Brushless DC motor

Specification and model60DH060-24V-30A60DH060-310V-30A60DH100-24V-30A60DH100-310V-30A60DH200-24V-30A60DH200-310V-30A
Rated speed(RPM)3000
No load speed(RPM)3800
Flange size(mm)60x60
Fuselage length L(mm)7080110
Rated power(W)60100200
Input voltage(V)DC24AC220DC24AC220DC24AC220
Rated torque(N.m)
Locked rotor torque(N.m)
Rated current(A) 30.3350.55101.09
Maximum current(A)60.66101.1202.18

Note: motor voltage, speed, power, body length and output shaft can be customized according to customer's requirements.

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