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How a Brushless DC Motor Works?BLDC Motor Characteristics

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How a Brushless DC motor Works

A Brushless DC (BLDC) motor is a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor with a unique back EMF waveform that allows it to behave similar to a Brushed DC (BDC) motor. Some confusion can arise from the name, as a Brushless DC motor does not directly operate off a DC voltage source. However, since a BLCD is essentially a DC motor turned inside out, the basic principle of operation is like that of a DC motor.

How a Brushless DC Motor Works?BLDC Motor Characteristics(图1)

How a Brushless DC Motor Works?BLDC motor Characteristics

A BLDC motor has a rotor with permanent magnets and a stator with windings. The brushes and commutator have been eliminated and the windings are connected to the control electronics. The control electronics replace the function of the commutator and energize the windings in a pattern that rotates around the stator. The energized stator winding leads the rotor magnet and switches just as the rotor aligns with the stator.

BLDC Motor Characteristics

  • There are no sparks

  • Potentially cleaner, faster, more efficient, less noisy and more reliable

  • Heat is generated in the stator which is easier to remove and maintain

  • Rotor has permanent magnets vs. coils making it lighter and easier to start/stop

  • Linear torque/current relationship offers smooth acceleration or constant torque

  • Low cost to manufacture

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